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Family mourns lost climber in Nepal

The family of Australian mountaineer Sue Fear have finally accpeted that she is dead.

A colleague of the Australian mountaineer Sue Fear says her family has accepted that she is dead.

Ms Fear fell into a crevasse while descending Mount Manaslu in the Himalayas on Tuesday.

Experts say there is no hope of finding her alive and there is not the technology to retrieve the body from the deep crevasse.

In 2003 Sue Fear reached the summit of Mt Everest.

Hope yet for missing Australian Climber

Earlier reports had stated that another Australian climber had died in the Himalayas in Nepal. As more news has filtered through there seems to be still some hope that the climber may have survived.

The family and friends of Australian mountaineer Sue Fear say they have not given up hope that she may have survived a fall into a crevasse on a mountain peak in Nepal.

An expedition team is searching for Ms Fear, who has reportedly died while descending from the world’s eighth highest mountain, Mount Manaslu, in Himalayan Nepal.

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Meanwhile, the Australian climber who miraculously cheated death on Everest last week is gaining strength and is due in Kathmandu today.

Lincoln Hall, 50, spent a night in the open just below the 8,848 metre summit after he was left behind on Thursday suffering from acute altitude sickness after reaching the top of the world’s highest peak.

Mr Hall was being carried on a yak on Monday down from Everest base camp, and was expected to be brought to Nepal’s capital Tuesday.

Australia’s ambassador to Nepal left Kathmandu on Monday to meet Mr Hall and the rescue party near Nepal’s border with Tibet, an embassy official said.

Another Climbing Death in Nepal

News has just come through that an Australian woman climber has died while climbing in Nepal.

An Australian climber has died during an expedition in Nepal.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it is aware of reports of a death of a 43-year-old Australian woman on Nepal’s Mt Manaslu.

The woman, from New South Wales, is understood to have died after falling into a crevasse after descending from the summit.

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Climber safe at Everest Base Camp

Australian mountain climber Lincoln Hall has arrived at the base camp of Mount Everest.

The 50-year-old was found alive by a team of climbers on Friday after he collapsed near the summit and was abandoned by his own team, who thought he had died.

Mr Hall made the 22-kilometre journey from the advanced base camp on the back of a yak.

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Naked on Mt Everest

Australian ABC News Online has an article about a sherpa who stripped off on the top of Mt Everest!

The head of the Nepal Mountaineering Association has urged the Government to take action against a sherpa who reportedly stripped off on top of Mount Everest.

The Himalayan Times reported on Friday that the Nepali climbing guide, whose name it gave as Lakpa Tharke, stood naked for three minutes in freezing conditions on the 8,850 metre summit of the world’s highest peak.

If confirmed, he would be the first person known to have stripped atop Everest, which is considered by Nepali Buddhists as a god.

I have two questions:

  1. Why hasn’t anyone done this before?
  2. Why do it anyway? It’s freezing up there!

I should know – I was at 4000 metres in the Everest area in January and the top is at 8848 metres and far, far colder than where I was! (Read about my trekking adventure in the archives of this blog).

Just thinking about the effects on certain parts of the body at that altitude brings tears to the eyes and numbs the mind (not to mention other things!)

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