Edithburgh Nature Reserve

Eucalyptus erythrocorys (red-capped gum), Edithburgh Nature Reserve

On the last morning of our recent holiday on the Yorke Peninsula we stopped for about an hour to wander through the Edithburgh Nature Reserve. This reserve, set up and maintained by a local community group, has been a focus of ours every time we visit the small coastal town. The reserve is at the western end of the main street and is open at all times to the public. Several excellent gravel paths suitable for wheelchairs meander through the reserve.

The reserve is not great for checking out a wide range of Australian Native Plants which interest my wife, it is also a good place within the town to see many of the local bush birds. Being only about 500 metres from the coast it is also possible to record a few sea birds flying overhead. My brother in law used to live opposite this park so we know it and its inhabitants quite well.

Apart from the birds I also enjoy the challenge of taking photos of wildflowers. I’ve dedicated this post to the plants in flower that we saw.

Calothamnus quadrifidus (one-sided bottlebrush), Edithburgh Reserve

Grevillea flower, Edithburgh Nature Reserve

Hakea laurina, Edithburgh Nature Reserve, Yorke Peninsula

Edithburgh Nature Reserve, Yorke Peninsula

Innes National Park, Yorke Peninsula

Innes National Park Visitor Centre, Yorke Peninsula

On the second day of our recent holiday on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, we drove to the Innes National Park Visitor Centre. All visitors and campers in this national park are required to buy an entry ticket before going into the park, either from the centre staff, or from the self-serve kiosk outside.

We briefly had a look around in the centre before heading off into the park for the rest of the day.

You can find out more information about the park and the area here. This site includes links to species lists of flora and birds, as well as details of camping sites, entry fees, suggested activities and more.

Rhino Head from Innes National Park Visitor Centre, Yorke Peninsula

In the carpark of Innes National Park Visitor Centre, Yorke Peninsula