Scenes of Sefrou, Morocco

Sefrou, near Fes, Morocco

Some of the buildings in the town of Sefrou near Fes in Morocco are badly in need of repair, as is illustrated in the photo above. Some have indeed collapsed and others seem destined for the same fate. Sadly, many of the locals probably do not have enough disposable cash to deal with the problem. Many of the poorer quarters we travelled through or visited were like this, and it was sad to see. Far too many seem to be simply just surviving.

Some basic amenities we take for granted here in Australia are simply not available. We all assume we will have safe drinking reticulated water right into our homes, and we get upset if the water supply is cut for repairs for even an hour or two. Notice the man in photo above. He is carrying two water containers to the public fountain to the right of where I was standing.

Sefrou, near Fes, Morocco

Sefrou, near Fes, Morocco

Hanging out in Sefrou, Morocco

Washing hanging out in Sefrou, Morocco

One of the smaller towns we visited on our tour of Morocco was Sefrou, a short 30km drive from Fes. This town was just as fascinating as any of the larger cities we explored, and over the coming days I’ll share some of the photos taken during our visit.

Today I show just 2 photos. Below features our guide, Said, and some of the tour group. Said was exceptional in his knowledge of his country. He was also very considerate of each member of the touring group and we were immediately at ease with him.

Above is a quick snap I took of washing hanging out to dry. In many of the places we visited we were able to mix with the local people going about their everyday activities. In that regard one could say that we really experienced the genuine people, their culture and lifestyle. Although we did visit a large number of obvious tourist oriented sites, we were never far from the authentic experience of Morocco.

The photo above also shows some of the ancient fortified wall of the town. Such walls are a feature of many of the older towns and cities in Morocco.

Our guide (left) and some of our tour group, Morocco