Street vendors in Fes, Morocco

Street vendor in Fes, Morocco

Walking through the medinas in the various cities we visited during our stay in Morocco I felt a certain amount of sensory overload. I had to concentrate on where I was going in a very strange environment and that was hard enough, even with a tour guide watching out for each one of us. Then there was the problem of twisting lanes and narrow streets crowded with shoppers; the bustling mass of people is something we only occasionally experience here in Australia.

Then there was the aromas of all the different foods on sale, from chickens to fish to spices and on to vegetables, fruits, pastries and a whole raft of smells with which I was quite unfamiliar. The kaleidoscope of colours added further to the onslaught on my senses plus the pulsating noises everywhere.

Quite an experience really.

Street vendor in Fes, Morocco


Is that a camel hanging there?

Street vendor in Meknes, Morocco

Street vendors like the one above in Meknes are a common sight in many towns and cities in Morocco. The visitor – and locals – usually do not have far to walk far to find what they need to buy.

And just around the corner was a compact shop selling just threads. The colourful display (see photo below) means that almost any colour was available.

By way of amazing contrast, nearby was a butcher shop, shown in the third photo today (see below). Yes – that is a camel’s head hanging there. Not sure how one would cook that to eat it – perhaps it was merely a ploy to attract customers and wasn’t for sale. I wasn’t game to ask our guide for fear of making an almighty blunder and cause some kind of offence.

It was just one more fascinating sight in this wonderful place called Magical Morocco.

Shop selling threads in Meknes, Morocco

Butchershop in Meknes Morocco