Petit taxis in Morocco

Petit taxi in Fes, Morocco

After visiting the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis we travelled on to Fes, one of the second largest city in Morocco with a population of just over a million people. It is also the site of another World Heritage Site, its fascinating Medina.

Early on the first morning of our stay we were travelling in our tour bus when I took several photos of the local petit taxis, so much smaller than our taxis here in Australia. I guess that they are cheaper to run as well as being easier to drive through the often narrow and crowded streets of the city.

Because we always travelled in the tour company bus, we didn’t get a chance to try using one. At the end of our tour we did get to use several taxis, but we asked for larger vehicles because the three of us had some large luggage (our adult daughter also travelled with us).

Petit Taxi in Fes, Morocco

Petit Taxi and street scene in Fes, Morocco

Sydney Harbour Water Taxis

Water taxi on Darling Harbour, Sydney

Water taxi on Darling Harbour, Sydney

One of the fascinating things about places like Sydney Harbour is the constantly moving water traffic. There are boats of all sizes, from great sleek cruise ships with several thousand passengers through to small dinghies with one passenger out fishing. And everything in between. All shapes and sizes, colours and purposes.

One of the common types on Sydney Harbour are the water taxis, like the one shown above. This morning I checked out some websites because I knew very little about them. The few companies I checked out claimed that they will pick up passengers almost anywhere, including beaches. They will likewise take you almost anywhere on the harbour much faster than public transport or even driving there yourself.

That’s probably true and they do look very convenient. There’s only one catch: you need a very deep pocket as they are relatively expensive. Yes – they might be quick, but it will cost you. Mind you, it would be a great way to have a private cruise of the harbour if you had a large group of people, say 20-30 to share the cost.