Eden Valley Church, South Australia

Church at Eden Valley, South Australia

Sometimes when we travel from home in Murray Bridge, South Australia, to our daughter’s home in Clare, we travel through the small rural community of Eden Valley. Every time we see the Lutheran Church just off the main road through town we admire this beautiful building. I’ve often commented that I should one day stop and take some photos. On a recent trip I did stop, but I still messed up the shot. The lovely church appears to have a lean on it to rival that famous one in Italy.

Not so.

Trouble is, I didn’t get out of the car but merely grabbed the camera, twisted around in my seat and “click”. I didn’t check that I’d composed the photo properly and so the bell tower appears to have a definite lean. It doesn’t; I’m the one leaning. Next time I must get out of the car, compose the photo carefully and then shoot.

Eden Valley is only a small community on the edge of the world famous Barossa Valley wine region. There are many vineyards and wineries in the district, as well as orchards (apricots, peaches, cherries), sheep and wheat farms and a some cattle as well.

Walking the Riesling Trail, Clare

Along the Riesling Trail near Clare, South Australia

I’ve been a little tardy in getting up these photos from Easter earlier this year. Over the long weekend we stayed with our daughter who teaches in the local high school. During our stay we went for a daily walk along the Riesling Trail. This walking track used to be the old railway line. It now has a new life as a tourist attraction in its own right. People visiting the wine growing region can walk from Auburn to just north of Clare. Access to many of the region’s wineries is quite easy from the trail.

I’ll share more photos in coming days.