2008 Road Trip: Narrandera, New South Wales

Narrandera, New South Wales

Narrandera, New South Wales

On the second day of our 2008 Road Trip to Sydney we travelled from Hay to Narrandera before stopping for fuel and morning tea. We found a lovely spot in a park near an oval (see photos above and below). It was a much more pleasant day than the day before; the cooler change had come through overnight.

We had a lovely cup of tea with a few home made biscuits we’d brought with us. We quite often also take a thermos with for picnics.

Again, we were disturbed by the excessive use of water. In the middle of the day the evaporation rate is enormous, yet the large sprinklers were pounding out volumes of water on to the nearby oval, as shown in the photo below. Narrandera, like Hay, draws its water from the Murrumbidgee River, a tributary of the Murray River. In South Australia we have been unable to use sprinklers in gardens for several years, and many sporting ovals are dry and dying grass.

I find the lack of restrictions to be environmental vandalism. The lower lakes in South Australia are almost dead, yet here water is being used as if we are not in the biggest drought on record.


Narrandera, New South Wales

Narrandera, New South Wales


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  1. We have been fighting this council over this matter for years. We can supply lots of better ? photos if you need. Just look at our Whacky Views in our website.

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