A day trip to Christies Beach, South Australia

Yesterday we drove from Murray Bridge through the Adelaide Hills and the southern suburbs of Adelaide and then down south to Christies Beach. This southerly suburb of Adelaide is about a forty minute drive from the Adelaide CBD but this time can vary due to traffic conditions.

We were unable to use the Southern Expressway because we were going in the wrong direction. This can cut five to ten minutes from the journey. This freeway is unique in the world I believe. It is a reversible freeway. In the morning when there is heavy traffic heading into the city CBD, the freeway operates in that direction. Around lunch time the expressway is closed for a time before the traffic starts flowing in the opposite direction. This caters for all the traffic heading home in the evening.

While the local people enjoy the quick drive into work or for shopping in the morning and a quick return home in the afternoon and evening, I still think it’s a crazy system. I am sure that it would not have added greatly to the overall cost to have built four lanes instead of three, with two lanes in each direction open at all times. Common sense in government circles is not too common it seems.

The purpose of our day trip was to visit relatives. We had a good time with them despite the poor weather. It was blowing a gale, showers came late afternoon and it was quite cold. It was not a suitable day for a walk – especially on the beach. I took the camera but took no photos.


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