A very tempting pinata

A pinata in the picnic area of the gardens

A pinata in the picnic area of the gardens

I love a good pinata.

Many years ago in another life I led my students through a study of the country of Mexico. To celebrate the end of that unit of study we made a pinata and filled it with sweets, as tradition dictates. We had a glorious time.

But what is this wonderful pinata doing hanging around in the picnic area of the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Gardens in St Ives in Sydney? On our visit there earlier this year we had just been on a walk along one of the trails when we came across this wonderfully coloured creature just hanging around. Not another person in sight – but we heard them.

All around this pinata were the remnants of a children’s birthday party. Baskets, food, party hats, wrapping paper, drinks and much more – and in the distance we could hear a group of excited children moving through the nearby bush. The local ranger was leading them on a discovery tour of the gardens which I gather is quite a popular event. (Details and bookings here.) They even cater for camp-fires and a spotlight prowl at night. Wonderful.

I have added another photo below. It is a banksia flower which I took nearby. It has nothing to do with the party, the children or the pinata. I just wanted to share it.

If you look back over the last week or so on this site you will see more photos of flowers I took on this visit.

Banksia flower

Banksia flower, Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Gardens, Sydney



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