Adelaide Airport in traffic gridlock

I was pleased I wasn’t trying to fly anywhere from Adelaide International Airport last weekend. It seems that the traffic in the area was in gridlock for much of the weekend due to bad planning of the access road.

Actually, the access road is normally quite good and one usually only has a wait of several minutes at the most when either entering or leaving the terminal car park. The problem that has arisen over the last week is that a new, massive and very popular furniture store (IKEA) has just opened – right next to the access road. It has caused total chaos in the area, to the point that they are now talking about a second access road for taxis only. Then on top of all that – the only petrol station in the area, which is on the access road too – had a special 10 cents discount offer over the weekend!

And the predictable has happened – everyone blames everyone else!

Think I’ll stay home for a while.


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