Adelaide Parklands

Today we travelled to Adelaide on business. Not very exciting stuff, really, except for lunch time. We took some sandwiches with us as well as a thermos of hot water for a cuppa and some fresh fruit. It worked out that we could have lunch in Botanic Park next door to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. It was a perfect autumn day – we’ve had a few of these wonderful days recently. The bright sunshine, a gentle breeze, a temperature of about 18 degrees and a lovely spot for lunch ensured a peaceful lunch.

This park, with its expanse of brilliant green grass and towering exotic and native trees, is a favourite with the locals. In addition to the Botanic Gardens on one side there is the Adelaide Zoological Gardens on the other side. Near where we parked are the added attractions of the Adelaide International Rose Garden and the Bicentennial Conservatory. This is a huge tropical glasshouse featuring many Australian plants from the more tropical areas of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. Many locals and visitors alike come here to have a relaxing picnic lunch before entering one or more of the venues I have mentioned.


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