ALERT Medical facility, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Leprosy patient at the ALERT Medical Facility, Addis Ababa

During our stay in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last December, colleagues of our daughter took us to the ALERT Medical facility. The acronym stands for African Leprosy Rehabilitation Training Medical Centre. Most of the patients are involved in craft and art work as a part of their rehabilitation. This art work is then sold through their shop on site, the proceeds returning to the artists.

It was our intention of just to visit the shop and to purchase some of the items, which we did because they were so good. We actually went back again a few days later because we didn’t have enough cash the first time. And we would have bought more items but for the fact that this was the first week of a seven week holiday in Ethiopia, Morocco and Spain. Our luggage allowance on the plane was going to be a challenge. [Postscript: we managed to keep within limits, but only because we sent quite a few items in our daughter’s unaccompanied luggage.]

One of the fascinating workers at ALERT was the man shown above. It amazed me how he could deftly weave the mat shown in front of him – despite having only a few stubs left where his fingers once were. He did this with a wonderful smile. A lesson to me in attitude, I think.

Leprosy patient at the ALERT Medical Facility, Addis Ababa


6 Responses to “ALERT Medical facility, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia”

  1. Ayodeji Isinkaye says:

    Please what is the website address of ALERT?

  2. Solomon Orsar says:

    Please I will like to have the contact of ALERT Addis Ababa and if possible the contact of the Training department for Hansniasis and Tuberculosis in 1995 and 1997.
    I took a short course there in Tropical dermatology and ocular care and will like to have contact with the training department.
    Can someone help?

  3. Trevor says:

    Here is another place for contact details of the ALERT Medical Facility:

    It includes postal address, phone and fax numbers.

  4. mitiku tamire says:

    i have vetarinary laboratory technology and i have joined my mvsc by vetarinary microbiology

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