Anyone for a haircut?

Barbershop in Sefrou near Fes in Morocco

In our wanderings in Morocco we saw almost anything you could imagine for sale, either in the small shops throughout the medinas, or on stalls in the street itself. In all our travels I cannot remember seeing any barbershops – except this one in today’s photo (above). Perhaps that is why I took the photo. There must have been many more, it’s just that I either didn’t take note of them, or we were in the wrong place most of the time.

The small establishment shown above had only two chairs for the customers having their hair cut with another one for anyone waiting their turn. Below I’ve shown a workshop across the lane from the hairdresser. Looking at all the tools it is obviously a furniture repair or restoration workshop. There was a furniture factory a few doors away (see photo below). I note the total absence of any power tools. In fact, I don’t even see any evidence of power being connected to the workshop; not even a radio to listen to.

This is in compete contrast with the barber who has the following items I can identify: television, cassette/radio, hair dryer, electric shaver, fan and what looks like an electric kettle. Perhaps cutting hair is a more lucrative business than restoring furniture.

Workshop in Sefrou near Fes in Morocco

Furniture factory in Sefrou, Morocco


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