Banded Lapwing, Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney

Banded Lapwing, Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney

Many Australians are familiar with the Masked Lapwing (Spur-winged Plover) as they are very common around parks, ovals, school grounds and farmlands. I get many comments on these birds on my birding site when they are breeding; the birds can be very noisy and very aggressive when protecting the nest or their young.

Many people however, would not be aware of their quieter cousins, the Banded Lapwing shown in the photos on this post. This species is found throughout much of Australia in suitable habitat, except for the far north. Their preferred habitat is bare or ploughed paddocks, areas with short grass, near swamps and plains.

The photo above of a captive bird was taken recently in the Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney.

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