Barking Deer, Nepal

Barking Deer, Central Zoo Kathmandu

Barking Deer, Central Zoo Kathmandu

One of the species of animals I saw for the first time on my visit to Nepal was the Muntjac, commonly called a Barking Deer. I saw this species fleetingly from the back of an elephant in the forest area of the Royal Chitwan National Park. It was so quick and so well camouflaged in the poor light of the forest I was unable to get a good photo of it. I was therefore very pleased to be able to photograph this species in Central Zoo in Kathmandu a few days later. Not the same as getting a shot at one in its natural environment but still pleasing. One day I hope to return to Chitwan for a longer stay and get some better photos.

Shy and Elusive

The Barking Deer is a shy and elusive member of the deer family. It is found over a wide range of dense forests throughout India and southern Nepal. Its name is derived from its distinct call which sounds just like a barking dog. This deer can grow to between 50 and 75cm in height with a weight of 20-30kg. They are usually a solitary species, rarely being seen in the company of others. They are primarily grass and fruit eaters.

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