Birdwood, South Australia

Yesterday on our way back from a business trip to Adelaide we stopped for afternoon tea at a bakery in the small Adelaide Hills town of Birdwood. Although it was a cool afternoon it was very pleasant sitting in the warm bakery enjoying our hot chocolate and some tasty items of food from the bakery. I had a delicious Vanilla Slice. As I travel around Australia I have to try out the local versions of this delicious cake. I have yet to find a bakery that can match our local bakery here in Murray Bridge.

National Motor Museum

The most popluar attraction in Birdwood would have to be the National Motor Museum.

The National Motor Museum is the recognised centre in Australia for the research, recording and preservation of all aspects of Australia’s road motor transport history. With a collection comprising 400 cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, the National Motor Museum is home to an internationally acclaimed collection of vintage, veteran and classic vehicles.

The museum is less than an hour’s dirve from Adelaide and is a wonderful destination for anyone interested in cars. More than that, anyone interested in the cultural heritage of our state will find things of interest.

… the collection is about more than the vehicles; it is also about the people behind the vehicles. The owners, drivers and designers of vehicles as well as those who helped build and sell them.

It has been many years since my last visit to the museum. Although we did not have time to visit yesterday, I made a mental note to return someday soon. It is also less than a hour’s drive from home, so there is no excuse.


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