Bleeding Heart Pigeon, Taronga Zoo Sydney

Bleeding Heart Pigeon, Taronga Zoo, Sydney

I took these photos of a Bleeding Heart Pigeon in a walk through aviary in Taronga Zoo, Sydney. This bird is quite an arresting species with its bright red colour on the front looking very much like it has been wounded in some way. They are a species kept commonly in aviaries here in Australia and many zoos have a small collection of them as well.

Bleeding Heart Pigeons are from the Philippine Islands and are a member of the dove and pigeon family of birds. Pigeons and doves drink in a unique way in the bird kingdom. Most birds fill their beaks and tilt their head bad allowing water to dribble down the throat. Pigeons and doves on the other hand are able to suck water up through their beaks.

Bleeding Heart Pigeons eat fruit, berries, seeds and insects. It is a bird of the lower levels of the forests.

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Bleeding Heart Pigeon, Taronga Zoo, Sydney


2 Responses to “Bleeding Heart Pigeon, Taronga Zoo Sydney”

  1. john malone says:

    loved the photograph, Trevor. Haven’t seen any round our way

  2. Trevor says:

    If you do, it has escaped from an aviary, a zoo or pet shop. They are native to the Philippine Islands.

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