Caravan Holiday Victor Harbor

Friday 17th March

Caravan Holiday
This afternoon we hitched up the old caravan and journeyed down to Victor Harbor on the coast south of Adelaide, South Australia. This trip has become an annual trip for us. We had sites near six other couples who stayed in the same caravan park. During the weekend our wives attend the CWCI Convention. All the men sit around in the shade of the trees in the park and attempt to solve the world’s problems – usually unsuccessfully.

Birds of the Caravan Park

We arrived at about 4:30pm and after checking in we set up the caravan. From our site we had an excellent view of Encounter Bay and Granite Island just off the coast. The beach is about a hundred metres from our van, with no buildings or other things obstructing our view. Throughout the park there are numerous birds, many of them very tame.

Australian Magpie

The most obvious resident of the park is the Australian Magpie. I didn’t do a count of actual numbers but they are present throughout the park. They are very tame and will come to within a metre or so if one is sitting outside the van. This provides many photo opportunities and I was able to get several good shots. They keep a careful watch if one is eating outside, expecting a free handout. When there is nothing on offer they skulk around looking for any unwary creatures lurking in the grass. The spear like thrust of the beak often rewards them with a tasty morsel.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Another common park resident is the Rainbow Lorikeet. The park has many eucalyptus trees, some of which were heavy in flower. This accounts for the many lorikeets and the constant screeching calls. They will feed for a while before wheeling off through the park in twos and threes, screeching as the go to another tree.

Other Bird Species

Because there were many flowering trees in the caravan park there were also quite a few honeyeaters scattered everywhere. New Holland Honeyeaters, Red Wattlebirds, Little Wattlebirds and Noisy Miners were the common honeyeaters I observed. There were also some White Plumed Honeyeaters but they were not calling as much as they are sometimes inclined to do.

For more information about Victor Harbor click here.


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