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Tammar Wallaby, Adelaide Zoo

Tammar Wallaby, Adelaide Zoo

Tammar Wallabies are found in south western Western Australia. They inhabit coastal mallee scrublands and eucalypt woodlands. They tend to stay in dense vegetation during the day and feed mainly at night.They were previously also found in South Australia, but land clearing and introduced pests like foxes and cats are thought to have made them locally extinct in this area.

A feral population was established on a New Zealand island, and in the last decade a large number of these had been repatriated to Monarto Zoo (a part of Adelaide Zoo) and then reintroduced into Yorke Peninsula where they have established breeding populations.

You can read more about this species on the zoo website here.

Tammar Wallaby, Adelaide Zoo

Travel blogs about New Zealand

Yesterday I featured a travel blog about New Zealand. Since then I’ve found a few more, so if you are thinking about travelling to The Land of the Long White Cloud you should check out these blogs:

Travelling New Zealand

I have not yet had the joy of travelling New Zealand but I hope to rectify that one day. From friends and family who have been there, I know it is a beautiful place filled with wonderful people and places. We actually have a good excuse to go there because we have a number of friends from New Zealand who used to live here in South Australia.

In the meantime, I need to travel in New Zealand vicariously. Travel blogs make this quite easy. Here is just one that I’ve come across recently:

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