Ceramic pottery factory in Fes, Morocco

Shop of the ceramic pottery factory in Fes, Morocco

One of the delights of our visit to the city of Fes in Morocco was to visit the ceramic pottery factory and shop outlet, as shown in today’s photos (and in the previous few days of my posts here on this site).

On the other hand, one of the disappointments was being unable to buy any of the wonderful items for sale. Many of them were far too delicate to travel in our normal luggage and others were either too big or too heavy. The shop did offer to ship any item to Australia – even the large patio fountains weighing many hundreds of kilograms – but the cost would have been prohibitive on my limited budget.

Shop of the ceramic pottery factory in Fes, Morocco

Artist working in the ceramic pottery factory in Fes, Morocco




2 Responses to “Ceramic pottery factory in Fes, Morocco”

  1. Ute Plüss says:

    I want to say thank you. Your mosaic of the tree and birds is yesterday arrived in Switzerland.Thank you also or the littel tiles in blue with the “25”. It’s all alright now. Have a nice day

    Ute Plüss

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Ute,

      I think you have me mixed up with the people who run the factory. This site is about me, an Australian, and my travels in Morocco. I went to visit the factory but I do not have any business association with the factory.

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