Christmas greetings

Callistomen flower, Pangarinda Arboretum, South Australia

To all my faithful readers I’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas.

Have a safe time, enjoy yourself, and return here in coming weeks. When this post is being published, I will be enjoying a special Christmas travelling in Africa and Europe. I will have many hundreds of photos to share of my travels, so please stick around. Meanwhile, enjoy the Christmas season.

All the best,



2 Responses to “Christmas greetings”

  1. Snail says:

    Merry Christmas, Trevor! Look forward to your pics when you get back home.

    • Trevor says:

      Thanks Snail.

      Our holiday in Ethiopia, Morocco and Spain was amazing. I took nearly 3000 photos to share here and on my other sites. Stay tuned.

      Our Christmas was very different – on Christmas Eve we rode camels into the Sahara, camped overnight in a genuine Berber tent and nearly froze! Got some spectacular photos too.

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