Dentist in Kathmandu

Dentist in Kathmandu

Dentist in Kathmandu

One of the things I did before leaving on my trip to Nepal in 2006 was to visit my family dentist. I had been rather naughty and hadn’t been for a checkup in a few too many years. Just as well I did, because I needed quite a few extra visits consequently. Some root canal work later and I was fine. Just the mere mention of the words “root” and “canal” in the same sentence sends shivers down my spine.

In retrospect, however, it was the wisest thing I did before leaving the country. As my dentist said, “You certainly don’t want that tooth exploding half way up Everest, because there are not too many dentists up there.” In fact I think the photo above shows the only dental establishment I saw in all of Nepal. I’m sure the dentist concerned is very nice; I just didn’t want him poking around in my mouth.

I am pleased to report that my teeth gave me no problems whatsoever while away.


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  1. Dent Inn says:

    In 2006 there must have been a hundred Dental establishments. There are nice clinics now contrary to foreigner’s belief. So anyone with tooth problems need not worry, we can provide any treatment of the same quality as in developed countries.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for your reassurance. I’ll remember that the next time I visit Kathmandu. In all honesty though, I prefer to go to a dentist as little as possible.

  3. Nice article ! I am writing an ebook on dentistry and what you wrote is very helpful.

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