Hakea, Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Gardens, Sydney


Hakea flower

Hakea propinqua flower

On our walk in the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Gardens in St Ives, Sydney earlier this year we came across a number of hakea plants in flower. I have shown one of the flowers in the photos above. I failed to ask my wife if she knew the actual botanical name and as I write this she is not at home for the morning. So, being resourceful, I did a little research online and came to the conclusion that it is Hakea propinqua.

Then I had another look at the photos I took on the day.

Doh. I had actually taken a photo of the name plaque under the tree! (See photo below)

In other photos below I show the fruit and more flowers of this attractive bush. This particular specimen could almost be called a tree as it was 4 – 5 metres tall.


Fruit of the  Hakea propinqua

Fruit of the Hakea propinqua

Fruit and flowers

Fruit and flowers of the Hakea propinqua


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