Happy birthday to me

Yes indeed – it is my birthday today.

As a treat for my many readers, today we will have something a little different. Instead of an article about somewhere I’ve travelled to, I want to share some photos of my favourite places.


If you’d like to leave a birthday message in the comments section, that would also be great.

Australian Pelican, Mallacoota, Victoria

Ama Dablam, Nepal

Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour

Giant Panda, Adelaide Zoo, South Australia

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens


2 Responses to “Happy birthday to me”

  1. Jaunay says:

    Happy Birthday! You’re website is really well done by the way. I think I now know where my whimsical love for nature may have come from… Would you mind if I used your photos as references for painting?

    Keep up the posts. <3

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks Jaunay,

    Great to hear from you. I can take no credit for the design of my 3 sites (links are at the bottom of each page) – my son Simon does all the technical stuff to keep them running. I do all the writing and photography.

    I will willingly take a little credit for your whimsical love of nature. I’ve just had a look at your site and some of your art work there – you certainly didn’t get any help with your artistic skills from MY lessons. LOL. They are brilliant – even if I think some are just a little creepy (not my taste – that’s all).

    You can certainly use my photos here and on my other sites as references for your painting. I get many requests like this and usually give permission. If a photo is used in a publication I usually ask for recognition as the photographer and ask that the URL be quoted. My photos have appeared in newspapers, magazines, on tourist pamphlets and interpretive signs, on the cover of a CD and in a children’s picture book in Lithuania. Next year one of my photos will be in World Book Science Year Book.

    I’d be very interested in seeing how you use my photos. 🙂

    On a different topic – this week I sent off my latest novel to a publisher. Now for the Big Wait for a reply!

    Over Dec-Jan I will be taking thousands of photos to post here on this and my other sites. We are visiting our daughter Rose who has been teaching in Ethiopia this year. Then the 3 of us will holiday for 2 weeks in Morocco and 2 weeks in Spain. Bring it on!

    Keep in touch.

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