Happy New Year


to all of my readers.


I realise that I am over a week late in giving these greetings. Better late than never, I guess.

In reality, I have been very busy enjoying life, family and the great summer weather we have had here in South Australia since Christmas. Before then we had some terribly hot weather. It was far too early in summer; we usually get weather like that in late January and February. Not this time around – it set all kinds of records. On many December days Adelaide was the hottest city in the world.

I haven’t had the chance to do much travelling over recent weeks. One exception was a day trip to the farm where I grew up. The farm is now owned by my nephew.  This is near Loxton here in South Australia. We had a family get together over lunch. It was great to get many on my side of the family together, especially seeing my son and his family were over from Sydney.

Speaking of my son – he has visited us in the last few weeks on a number of occasions. This is always great because our grandchildren love coming here to Murray Bridge. They love spending time with me – and playing with me in our swimming pool. Trouble is – they really tire this old fella out. I need plenty of grandad naps to recover.

Tomorrow we travel to Peterborough in the mid-north of our state so that we can have a family get together on my wife’s side.

Stayed tuned – more articles and photos of our travels will be coming up here on this site in the coming weeks and months. Meanwhile, you can enjoy articles about my travels by looking at my archives here.


My nephew's header (for harvesting wheat)

My nephew’s header (for harvesting wheat)

Ruins of the house where I grew up in Taplan South Australia

Ruins of the house where I grew up in Taplan South Australia


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