Helpful Galahs at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Galah taking part in the Free Flight Bird Show, Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Over recent days I’ve been writing about the Free Flight Bird Show at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. This show is, in my opinion, a must see when visiting this wonderful zoo. The talk by the keepers about Australian birds is interesting enough, but the antics of the trained birds are not only entertaining but are highly educational as well.

One of the birds in the show is a clever Galah shown in today’s photos. It is trained to collect a coin or a note from a willing spectator in the audience and then bring it back to the keeper, who pockets the money. A few minutes later the Galah returns the money to the hapless audience member. After the show audience members can get up close to some of the birds, including the Galah. This time the bird is trained to collect coins donated by people and to deposit them in a money box. In this way, over $75,000 has been collected in recent years towards conservation projects. This also enable people like me to have excellent photo opportunities.

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Galah taking part in the Free Flight Bird Show, Taronga Zoo, Sydney


2 Responses to “Helpful Galahs at Taronga Zoo, Sydney”

  1. Heather says:

    HOW do they train them to do this? It sounds brilliant! 🙂

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Heather,

    I’ve often wondered that myself. Perhaps you could ask the keepers if you visit the show one day, or you could send an email to them asking for an answer. Contact details are here:

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