Historic elephant house at Adelaide Zoo

Historic Elephant House, Adelaide Zoo

The beautiful old 19th century building shown above used to house the elephants at Adelaide Zoo. The zoo no longer houses elephants here and it has been converted into an historic interpretive centre (see photo below).

I can remember going for a ride on an elephant at the Adelaide Zoo when I was a child (more than 50 years ago). The last elephant held in this zoo’s animal collection died at the Monarto Zoo section a few years ago. While neither section of the zoo currently holds any elephants, I understand there are plans to re-introduce some to Monarto Zoo in the next few years.

Historic Elephant House, Adelaide Zoo


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  1. chantelle stein says:

    my mum and i are trying to find information on the elephant that was at adelaide zoo my mum thinks there was one that died at adelaide zoo but she cant remeber what who how why and all that please if you can help let me know thanks

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