Holiday in Sydney

Thursday 23rd February.

I am typing this in the waiting lounge at the Adelaide Airport – the new one. It has only been open for domestic traffic for six days. Having spent many hours in airport lounges over the last few months I am not looking forward to the next hour. At least Corinne is with me this time. Our flight to Sydney has been delayed by over an hour. No reason has been given. It’s a good thing we are not relying on a connecting flight elsewhere today.

Eventually we boarded our plane to Sydney. Just before take-off the pilot explained that there was a technical problem in Melbourne before they flew to Adelaide. He said that Qantas policy was “Safety before Schedules,” which is very reassuring. We had an extra hour and a half wait before take off. The flight was good except we had very little of a view over South Australia and later the Blue Mountains due to heavy cloud. Corinne had a window seat so we had a good view when the cloud cleared over NSW.

On arrival Simon was there to meet us. He had only just arrived as we had phoned him to say we were going to be late. He drove us back to their home. On the way we drove over the harbour bridge, the first time we’d been over it in a car. On arrival we had a bite to eat as it was close to 3 o’clock. We then sat and talked until dinner. Later in the evening Simon went to collect Leanne from work.


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