Royal Sydney Botanic Gardens

Yesterday we caught an early train in Artarmon, north of Sydney, which took us through the CBD right on to Strathfield station. We then caught a bus to a street near Corinne’s Aunty Joan’s place. We spent about three hours with her, including lunch, before catching another bus which took us to Bankstown station. There we took a train all the way to Circular Quay. From there we walked along Macquarie Street to the entrance to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Digital Camera User Rule #1

I was looking forward to taking a few photos in the botanic gardens but we were only there a few minutes when the batteries on my digital camera went flat. Now – rule one for digital camera users – always carry spare batteries! When trekking the Himalayas last January I carried five sets of spare batteries. This time I had NONE. I thought I had a spare set but couldn’t find them anywhere in my camera bag. They were there all the time – hiding under the instruction book – but I didn’t find them until it was too late. (Sigh).

Photo Opportunity #1

You guessed it.

Only two minutes later a magnificent photo opportunity presented itself. Walking along a path we came across a Buff Banded Rail – eating chocolate that had dripped from some kid’s icecream on to the path. It only reluctantly moved out of the way to let us pass. Now Buff Banded Rails are not as common as sparrows or crows or most other birds. I’ve only ever seen about three or four EVER. After nearly 30 years of concentrated birding. And me unable to take a photo. (Bigger sigh)

Photo Opportunity #2

Later, while having an icecream, ANOTHER Buff Banded Rail walked right past us where we sat admiring the boats on the harbour.  I do hope it wasn’t the same bird taunting me. (Even bigger sigh).

In between these two incidents I saw many other really tame birds up close. I would have taken plenty of wonderful photos. Oh. well, that just gives me the excuse to return there another day.


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