Houseboats on the River Murray

Houseboat at Murray Bridge,  South Australia

Houseboat at Murray Bridge, South Australia

On our recent visit to Swanport Reserve we observed several houseboats travelling on the River Murray. This is not unusual on this part of the river. In fact, houseboat holidays in South Australia are very popular and there are hundreds of houseboats for hire, ranging from small boats suitable for two people through to floating mansions catering for up to twelve people (or more). In most cases, all that is needed is a current driver’s licence to operate one of these luxury craft.

Most are fitted out beautifully with en suite bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, entertainment systems with the latest DVD and sound systems, sun deck, barbecue facilities and sometimes even a dinghy and canoes. Some even allow the hiring of a power boat for water skiing, though to drive such a boat requires a special small boat handler’s licence.

I have been on several houseboats over the years but have never driven one, nor have I stayed overnight on one. That dream still waits to see reality – someday soon I hope.

Houseboats at Mannum South Australia

Houseboats at Mannum South Australia



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