In Kathmandu Nepal

Tuesday 17th January 2006.

Kathmandu Nepal.


I had a very good night’s sleep overnight. I did wake for a little while at 4am and watched about a half an hour of television. I then slept again until 7am but stayed in bed for a while watching the television news. I could get very lazy if we had a TV in our bedroom. After showering I dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast I checked my emails and wrote one to Corinne. I came back to my room to watch some of the cricket from Brisbane between South Africa and Sri Lanka. I also checked out the Australian Open Tennis from Melbourne.

 Four more days in Kathmandu

At about 10:30am I went down to the travel desk. The agent there was very apologetic because he couldn’t change the day of my flight home. Neither of us had realised that there was an inscription on my tickets stating that they were valid only for the dates shown. Oh well, we tried. That means I have another four days here in Kathmandu. It forces me to get out and see things around this amazing city. I then had to book my room for the rest of the week. This was done personally by the manager himself. I asked him to quote the price per night and being a Peregrine customer he gave a special discount price (US$77 compared to US$130).

 Farewell to Kane and Jade

At just after 11am Jade and Kane came down with their luggage. Ananta also came to the hotel to see them off at the airport. I told him about having to stay until Sunday and he offered to guide me wherever I wanted for no charge. I think I’ll take up that offer. After Jade and Kane left for India I went to my room and watched the end of the Lleyton Hewitt match. I also ordered a pizza via room service.


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