Jamestown South Australia

Today we travelled north of Clare to the rural town of Jamestown. Family visiting time. We had lunch with my wife’s niece, her husband and three children – all under three years of age. That’s courage. That’s commitment. The twins are growing rapidly; they are nearly 18 months old. And their brother is almost three and quite the little man about the house.

Two Year Old anctics

I helped his father, Steve, putting up a new fence. Young Riley needed quite a few reminders that the posts were being set in cement and that they shouldn’t be moved in any way. Try telling that to an over-active two-almost three year old! Taking to a post one is trying to set in cement with a hammer is NOT recommended. Later in the afternoon my wife’s sister and brother in law came over from Peterborough for the evening. A very pleasant evening of catching up with family. We left quite a bit later than I thought we would and it was quite frosty on the way home.

Nocturnal bird sightings

As we neared Clare I was suddenly aware of a rabbit sitting on the edge of the road, but I quickly realised it wasn’t a rabbit as it flew off. By its colouration and size it must have been a Southern Boobook Owl. Good sighting. Reminds me of the sighting of a Spotted Nightjar on the way home from Geranium last week. Another great sighting and the kind one doesn’t get everyday.


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