Kiddus Raguel Church, Mount Entoto, Addis Abba, Ethiopia

Kiddus Raguel Church, Mount Entoto, Addis Ababa

During our visit last December to Ethiopia, we employed a driver for the day who took us to Entoto Natural Park, at 3200 metres it’s the highest point near the capital Addis Ababa. On this drive we were taken past the Kiddus Raguel Church near the top of the mountain. It seemed not to be open for visitors so I have no close up photos. There doesn’t seem to be much information online about this church, only that there is a very old rock-hewn church near the newer building shown in the photo above.

As we left this spot we had fine panoramic views across the nearby farming land near the Entoto Natural Park, shown in the photo below.

Near Mount Entoto, Addis Ababa


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