Larry the Big Lobster, Kingston, South Australia

On our way home from our recent holiday in Robe we stopped briefly at the seaside town of Kingston. A few years ago we enjoyed a lovely holiday there in the beach house of people we knew. Kingston is a small but very friendly community. It supports thriving farming and fishing industries and tourism is becoming very important too. The rapid growth of holiday homes along the beautiful beach has been a feature in recent years.

On our most recent visit we pulled off the road and stopped for morning tea next to the beach. North of the town one can actually drive on to the beach but here you must stop a few metres short of the sand. My wife and daughter stayed in the car to have their cup of tea because of the freezing cold wind. Mother-in-law and I braved the chilling conditions and went looking for a few shells on the sand. We found very few. After about ten minutes we, too, retreated to the warmth of the car.

As we left the town I stopped to take a photo of Larry the Lobster on the northern entrance to the town. This giant replica lobster is one of a series of giant structures all over Australia. I know of a big orange, a big sheep, a big banana, a big koala, a big pineapple and a big Galah. Other big things around this country include a big guitar, apple, Murray Cod, pelican, pumpkin, prawn, penguin and peanut. This list is just a selection of many, many more. They are all listed on the Australian Big Things website, along with photos and descriptions.

Larry the Lobster, Kingston, South Australia

Larry the Lobster, Kingston, South Australia

Larry the Lobster was still there a few weeks ago, but he may be moving. He has been for sale for over a year. Apparently no-one wants to buy him.


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