Lizards, Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney

Reptile, Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney

On our visit to Taronga Zoo in Sydney earlier this year I took a few good shots of various reptiles, including the lizards shown on this page. I am really floundering to identify these wonderful creatures. I wish I knew more about reptiles. If any of my readers can help me I’d be most grateful. Are they Chameleons?

Update: Thanks to one of my readers I can now put a name to these species. The top one is a Common Iguana from America, while the one below is one of the Fijian Iguanas.

Reptile, Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney


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  1. Snail says:

    They’re iguanas, Trevor. The top one looks like yer standard American species, conveniently named Iguana iguana, and the bottom one is one of the Fijian iguanas. (I had to look up the Latin name — Brachylophus.)

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