More trouble in Nepal

Nepal continues to be in the news – for all the wrong reasons.

This is a country torn apart by political troubles. There have been riots and demonstrations in the capital city Kathmandu now for many weeks. The king continues to hold on to power, a position he assumed when he dismissed the elected government early 2005. This country is struggling to regain democracy at a great cost to the local people. Many thousands, said to be over 13,000, have lost their lives in this struggle over the last decade. An added layer of trouble is the struggle brought on by the Maoists who are also trying to gain power.

The Country and its People

Nepal is one of the most stunningly beautiful countries in the world. The magestic Himalayas are always in the background in scenes of fascinating Kathmandu. I trekked the Everest region in January of this year. (Go to the archives of this blog to read all of my adventures.) The word awesome is overused these days – but the truth is – the Himalayan mountains are indeed awe inspiring. Words – even photos – do no justice to the grandeur of this country.

The people too, are wonderful. They are so helpful, friendly and approachable. And they are so proud of their beautiful country. I was asked many times whether I liked their country. I was also asked many times when I was returning. Even back home here I have been asked whether I would go back. To me there is no doubt – it’s just a matter of when.

And now is not the time.

Which is a shame – there are at least two very attractive teaching positions just begging to be filled, one in June in Tansen and the other in Kathmandu in August.


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