More views of Waitpinga Beach, South Australia

Waitpinga Beach, Newland Head CP

Waitpinga Beach, Newland Head CP

Waitpinga Beach near Victor Harbor in South Australia is just over an hour’s drive south of our state capital city, Adelaide. Waitpinga is a long wide sandy beach facing south. On most days there is a fairly decent surf rolling in from the Southern Ocean. This makes this a popular beach with surfers.

Anglers enjoy this beach as well. I’ve never fished there so I don’t know what they would be catching there. After searching for a while I found a very old book on my bookshelf about where to go fishing in South Australia. The fact that I had to search for it means that it hasn’t been used all that often over the years. It lists salmon, mulloway, bream, mullet, flathead and snapper as the main species caught along the beach.

Waitpinga Beach, Newland Head CP

Waitpinga Beach, Newland Head CP

The beach is also excellent for children to play on, for going for long walks and for just sitting there and watching the waves come rolling in. In the first photo above, I was facing west. Slightly to the left and just out of the photo one can just make out the coast of Kangaroo Island, one of South Australia’s top tourist destinations. Ferries take people and vehicles to and from the island several times a day. The island is only just over an hour’s drive and an hour’s ferry trip from my home but I have never been there. That is something we must rectify very soon.

The second photo is taken looking east towards Newland Head which gives its name to the nearby Conservation Park. Click on the photo to enlarge the image.

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5 Responses to “More views of Waitpinga Beach, South Australia”

  1. Beach Party says:

    Views Of Waitpinga Beach…

    If your a surfer and on your way to Australia, check out Waitpinga Beach…….

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  3. josef says:

    waites is gods own yard ,1 hour to get there its the best place ive been,ive travelled all around oz o-s and yes there are many beautiful sights,but for me waitpinga is magic like an instant fix of peace and tranquility hit.I lOve waitpinga and when the time comes throw my ashes in her sea.

  4. tucky says:

    It’s pretty good but dangerous. Rips and reef if on low tide. Pulls you down the beach fast. Not for the new surfers.

  5. […] Park, then the poodles and myself turned back whilst Suzanne walked on. I picked her up at Waitpinga Beach a couple of hours […]

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