Namche Bazar, Nepal

Friday 6th January 2006   Trek Day 4

Sobering scene

This morning one of our Sherpas left us to walk five days to Everest Base Camp. He was going to replace another guide who had died due to altitude sickness. Shortly after we had arrived yesterday we actually saw the body being carried down the valley. I guess he was to be cremated further on down the valley, maybe even in Kathmandu. It was a sobering scene. One cannot be too careful about taking things slowly; altitude sickness comes swiftly and unexpectedly. Even the locals are susceptable. Acclimatization is the key.

Sleeping In a Cold Climate

Last night I slept quite well despite the cold. Thermal underwear and a good sleeping bag are essential in this area, even in the lodges. The walls of the rooms are so thin that they can get very cold at 5am. The slight tummy upset I had last night lasted until about 11pm. I feel much better now and I seem to be coping with the altitude. Having said that, climbing even a few stairs to get to one’s room brings on a deep gasping for air. Thankfully I am able to get a reasonable amount of sleep. I have only had a few short sessions of dizziness. Our guides are very understanding and have taken very good care of us all so far.


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