Nilgai or Blue Bull antelope

Nilgai, Central Zoo, Kathmandu

Nilgai, Central Zoo, Kathmandu

The Nilgai is also known as a Blue Bull. The animal shown in my picture taken in the central Zoo in Kathmandu is a female. The male is a bluish-grey in colour. Why I didn’t get a photo of the male I don’t know. I must try to get a good photo at the Monarto Zoo which is just a ten minute drive from my home here in South Australia.

Nilgai are members of the antelope family of animals. They are relatively common in northern India and eastern Pakistan. There are also small populations of Nilgai in the Terai region of southern Nepal, mainly in the Royal Bardia National Park.

Nilgai are large animals, standing at about 1.5 metres tall and 2 metres long. They can weight between 120 and 240 kilograms.

For more information click here (Wikipedia) .

There is also a large feral population in parts of the United States, mainly Texas. These populations have thrived from animals that escaped from private collections. Nilgai in Texas are a prized animal amongst hunters.

I find it horrific that such a beautiful animal can be allowed to be hunted just for sport.


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