On a clear day in Kathmandu

Himalayas from a street in Kathmandu

Himalayas from a street in Kathmandu

One of the downsides of visiting Kathmandu is coping with the pollution. Because the Kathmandu Valley is like a natural amphitheatre, pollution from the city tends to sit over the city for long periods of time. I found the atmosphere to be somewhat distressing at times, and a dry throat is one’s constant companion.

Sometimes a breeze comes along and clears the air. It is then that one can fully appreciate the stunningly amazing setting of this city. With a backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayas in the distance, this has to be one of the more beautiful settings for a capital city anywhere. It’s just a pity that the view is restricted to a smoky haze for most of the year.


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  1. B.Sharma says:

    Trevor mate,
    I am really happy and feel pride to see your blog about Nepal.I like the pictures and also about your thoughts about Nepal.I too was once a student in Trichandra College and also completed my major in creative writing into my bachelor degree back into my hey days however no longer I’m in the field of creative writing now.This picture is very familiar to me as I used to wonder a lot in this area.I fully agree that kathmandu is one of the polluted cities in the world and one reason is its geography too.I too live in Australia now but you have made me nostalgic with your pictures about my country.Wish you all the best for your creative writing endeavor about the children of Nepal.I really appreciate about your love for Nepal being a Nepalese myself.

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