On the road again

My wife and I are on the road again. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t posted anything over the last few days – we’ve been away from an internet connection. Over the last week we have travelled from home in Murray Bridge all the way to Sydney in New South Wales. We took five days, though one can do it comfortably in two days if you don’t stop frequently like we do. We also took a rather meandering route to Sydney. There were a number of places we especially wanted to visit during our holiday.

Lake Roberts, Lameroo, South Australia

Lake Roberts, Lameroo, South Australia

We left home last Monday about an hour later than we’d hoped to; those last minute things take up so much time. Never mind, we were on our way by mid-morning. By lunch time we had made it to the mallee farming town of Lameroo. Over recent years we’ve stopped quite a few times at the park there for meals or a cuppa. An artificial lake next to the golf course is a quiet spot off the main highway with lawn, seating, a covered area with picnic tables and some interesting bird life, which always attracts me.

A pair of Masked Lapwings had a little one to look after while a Great Cormorant sat resting on the bank of the lake. A mixed gang of ducks politely stood a metre or two away as we ate our lunch. They didn’t get any.

Over the coming weeks I will share some of our sightings, experiences and adventures during our twenty three day holiday in country New South Wales, in Sydney, in Canberra, in Melbourne and country Victoria.


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