One Million Views of our Photo Gallery


One million views on our photo gallery!

That is quite a milestone.

For people who are new to this blog you may not know about my family photo gallery. Over 1700 photos on a wide range of themes and subjects appear on our photo gallery. Over a thousand of them were taken by me, some by my wife and the remainder by my son. He is quickly catching up with me, due mainly to the fact that he is currently on holiday in South America giving his new camera a really good workout.

Some of the subjects covered in our gallery include:

  • birds
  • animals
  • flowers
  • Australia all over
  • insects
  • Nepal
  • Thailand
  • North and South America
  • Hong Kong
  • architecture
  • parks and gardens
  • scenery

… and much, much more.

Why not visit the gallery now? Click here.


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