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Yesterday I posted some photos of flowers I have taken at the Pangarinda Arboretum at Wellington, South Australia. Today I add several more. The above photo of a banksia flower is one of many stunning banksias that have been planted in this arboretum. When in flower they attract dozens of birds, particularly honeyeaters.

Anigozantos flavidus hybrid (Kangaroo Paw)

Anigozantos flavidus hybrid (Kangaroo Paw)

The plant pictured above is a hybrid form of one of the Kangaroo Paw species native to Western Australia. They are resplendent in the natural habitat, but in recent times they have been grown by a growing number of gardeners in the other states. They get their name from the claw-like appendage on each flower.

Bark on a tree

Bark on a tree

Some of the larger trees are beginning to develop significantly sized trunks, despite their young age. The tree above was starting to shed the last season’s bark, making way for the new growth. The amazing contrasting coloursand textures in the last rays of sunlight for the day has produced a beautiful effect.


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  2. Lori Witzel says:

    Love that crenellated peeling bark. What tree is it? We have some local crape myrtles (Lagerstroemia sp.) with lovely exfoliating bark, and in West Texas the few madrones (Arbutus texana) I’ve seen also have beautiful a-peel.


  3. Trevor says:

    Hi there Lori, the tree is Eucalyptus caesia. They also have the most amazing fruit and flowers. Many of our gum trees (the common name for Eucalypts) are spectacular in flower and even more so when the honeyeaters, parrots and lorikeets come in flocks to feed on the nectar. For more photos go to my photo gallery or to my birding blog (click on the links section).

  4. The best model a photographer can get is of course nature. In its most candid shot lies its true beauty.

    You got great pics..I like the colors..they so vibrant..they look so alive^ ^

  5. Marius Achim says:

    Yeah nice, but have you seen my videos?

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