Parliament House, Canberra

Houses of Parliament, Canberra

Houses of Parliament, Canberra

Our holiday in Canberra

September 2007

One of the most prominent buildings in Canberra would have to be Parliament House – or should I say, Houses of Parliament. The old building is shown in the foreground of the photo above. The much bigger and newer building is on the hill behind, together with its gigantic flag pole.

We didn’t visit the historic old building nor the new one on this visit. We did drive in circles around the new Parliament House one day when we became temporarily misplaced. That’s easy to do in Canberra, what with the numerous roundabouts at most intersections and many roads being built on a circular plan.

It is pure coincidence that this photo and this article should appear today. All Australian eyes will be centred on Parliament House today because of the Federal Election being held across the nation. By tonight we may well have a new government ready to take over.

Update: Australia does have a new Prime Minister and a new government as from today.


2 Responses to “Parliament House, Canberra”

  1. steve bennett says:

    Dear.. KEVIN RUDD…I have been working in the building industry for 12 years… now there is no building jobs out there…

    we need more construction need more jobs in sydney NSW. now PLZ ????

    painting.. plasterboard ..tiling..carpenters….

    in NSW sydney.. thank you…

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Steve,

    I think you have misunderstood the purpose of this blog.

    On this site I show photos of places I’ve been and write about my travel experiences.

    This site has nothing to do with politics – it has certainly nothing to do with Kevin Rudd!

    Can I suggest you contact your local member of parliament – or write directly to the Prime Minister himself.

    Good luck.

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