Picnic at Kapunda

Yesterday I wrote about our recent short holiday in Clare. Travelling to and from our daughter’s place in Clare we can take several different routes. We usually have a few biscuits or fruit and a thermos of hot water so we can stop for a picnic somewhere along the way. On many occasions we have had a picnic lunch. This has quite often been at Angaston, a delightful little town in the beautiful Barossa Valley, a world famous wine producing region. There is a lovely shady park (for when it is hot) at one end of the main street.

This time we changed our plans. We decided to stop at Kapunda, another delightful small town just north of the Barossa Valley. It’s just over an hour’s drive north of Adelaide. Kapunda was once a bustling copper mining centre but now serves the surrounding farming community.

We went for an exploratory drive around the town and discovered a delightful little park where we could have our cuppa and a few biscuits for afternoon tea. We hadn’t even sat down at the picnic table provided before being descended upon by an army of ducks heading hopefully in our direction. They were to be sadly disappointed; no biscuits today. We had to be careful of the six fluffy baby Eurasian Coots skittering around our feet begging their mother for food.

Read more about the birds we saw on the article Birding while travelling on my Birding blog.


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