Protests continue in Nepal

The following report on the political troubles in Nepal is from “The Advertiser” web site in Adelaide, South Australia. I include this because I travelled and trekked in Nepal in January of this year. To read my blog of my experiences in this beautiful yet troubled country go to the Archives section.

Fresh Protests in Nepal

FRESH pro-democracy protests broke out in Nepal today despite King Gyanendra’s call for elections in the Himalayan kingdom, as activists said he offered nothing new or substantive.

Groups of protesters took to the streets of Kathmandu hours after the king’s midnight message, chanting “Gyanendra, thief, quit the country” and “Down with autocracy, end police repression”.Riot police arrested about 20 demonstrators, but there was no violence.

Political parties leading the movement against the king were quick to reject his offer for elections, saying the monarch’s message would not defuse the fierce campaign in which four people have been killed and hundreds wounded in the past week alone.

The message was broadcast at the stroke of midnight, at the start of the Nepali Hindu New Year.

To read the rest of this article go to “The Advertiser” by clicking here.


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