Rankins Springs, New South Wales

Hotel at Rankins Springs, NSW

On our way home from Sydney last year we stayed one night at Rankins Springs in mid western NSW. I would have liked to have stayed longer and pursued some intensive birding in the area, but we were on a tight schedule to get home.

We stayed in the local motel. This is not the most glamorous motel I’ve ever stayed in, but it did have many good points: the room was clean, the bed comfortable and the hot water made an enjoyable shower. And the price not exorbitant. What more can you want?

We also had a wonderful dinner in the hotel dining room next door and were made to feel very welcome by the owners. Sure, a hamburger with the works is not exactly your meal to die for, but boy, it sure was delicious and filled an urgent need.

The next time we are passing through with our caravan, we must try out the caravan park just across the road (see photo below).

Main street of Rankins Springs, NSW

Rankins Springs caravan park, NSW


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