Sabaha Silk Shop, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

In the garden of Sabaha Silk Shop, Addis Ababa

On one of the days we had in Addis Ababa we went shopping with colleagues of our daughter. They drove us around to various places of interest around the city. One of those places was to the Sabaha Silk Shop in the suburbs. The shop was interesting enough and my wife and daughter found it great to pick up a few nice items. I was more interested in the gardens in which the shop was set.

The silk shop was a small building set near a private home with extensive private gardens surrounding both buildings. The gardens were quite beautiful and provided visitors with a quiet retreat from the hustle of this frenetic¬† African city. I also enjoyed the birdlife in gardens and managed a few good photos (see me other site for details: Trevor’s Birding).

Sabaha Silk Shop, Addis Ababa

In the garden of Sabaha Silk Shop, Addis Ababa


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