Safely back in Kathmandu

After the exhilarating trip from Chitwan National Park it was good to arrive back safely at the Shangri La Hotel in Kathmandu, my home away from home while staying in Nepal’s capital city. This hotel, while not luxurious, was a comfortable haven in a country of contrasts and a nation in turmoil.

Foyer of the Shangri La Hotel Kathmandu

Foyer of the Shangri La Hotel Kathmandu

While staying in Kathmandu at a hotel like the Shangri La one could be forgiven for ignoring the plight of the people trying to exist in this country. Inside the hotel it was relatively quiet, organised, and peaceful – especially having lunch in the garden – and safe compared to the frenetic activity in the streets outside.

I found that the staff was really friendly, helpful and approachable. During my meals I was pleased to be able to engage several of the staff in interesting conversations about their lives. I also had some interesting conversations with some of the other guests.


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