Scenes of Rabat in Morocco

Railway station in Rabat, Morocco

During our visit to Morocco most of our travel was done in a mini-bus with our tour group – except for two camel rides in the desert. I’ll write about that experience in the coming weeks.

After we left our touring group we took the train from Marrakech to Casablanca and then another train to the north coast before crossing over to Spain. We enjoyed our limited train travel in Morocco. Compared to Spanish trains, those in Morocco were what we are used to here in Australia, nowhere near the speeds of Spanish trains. The steady pace of the trains in Morocco meant we were able to take in the wonderful scenery along the way.

The above photo shows the railway station in the capital city, Rabat. We didn’t catch a train here but show this photo to illustrate the fact that the stations we did see in Morocco were clean, modern, well-appointed and welcoming buildings.

A little further on we saw a large group of protesters; I can’t recall now what they were protesting about. This was the only instance we saw of protests or of any civil unrest anywhere in Morocco during our visit.


Protesters in Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco


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